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Fly Fishing is completely dedicated to your total satisfaction. If you have any suggestions or comments please email us at

Established in 2002, our company has
rapidly grown to become one of the
UK's most visited tackle sites,
providing a high level of service and
receiving a high percentage of
customers who regularly return to
our site.

As a dedicated online tackle retailer
we offer some great deals - See
always adding to our product range
see NEW PRODUCTS, and we now
supply over 50 different brand names
from respected tackle manufacturers
worldwide, and our range of fishing
products is still growing. A list of most
of these manufacturers is included at
the foot of this page.

The majority of products are shipped
from our offices, but we also have
arrangements with some manufacturers
to send direct to our customers if we
should be out of stock, or if an item is
required urgently.

We realise that most fly fishermen are also
interested in other forms of fishing, and to
enable them to be able to include different types
of tackle on one order we are now stocking not just
fly fishing tackle, but a selection of game,
coarse and sea fishing tackle as well.

When we first started the company the majority of the
products that we sold were recommended by professional fly
fishermen from around the South West with whom we had an association. Although the product range is much so greater now, we still have the same relationship with local guides and professionals, and still value their experiences.

Our contact details:
Fly Fishing
Unit B Parliament Square
Parliament St
EX17 2AW
United Kingdom
Phone: 01363 777783

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Company Contact Terms Specials Online Shop
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